Ira Hair

still not happy with hair jet. I will focus on the body and need to come back to it late.


The Fifth Element meets Mirror´s Edge

Pandemonium was one of the jump and runs I really liked on PS. Therefor I decided to give Niki a modern makeover


Old Indian Chest

This is also the result of a Texturing Lecture at S4G. 

Japanese handmade glass chime

This is the result of a a short Introduktion into Texturing lecture at S4G. 
It was really inspiring and a lot of fun.


Lowpoly Animals

some Photoshop Actions ^____________^



Orbitus Amerellus

This Alien Flower is the result of some somcept/modeling lessons at S4G in Berlin. I have been creating this asset with the students from the "This is not home" Team.