Power of Color

After painting I was playing around with the color adjustment a bit. Therefore I used this Picture Bundle  . I selected a few Pictures for color references and load them into photoshop. Then I duplicate the original. Image > Mode > Color Adjustment > select source


Brush Test

did some painting with a brush set from 

Grzegorz Rutkowski


From 3Ds Max to Unity - Ready to export script -

A small Drag and Drop script that helps getting assets from 3Ds Max to Unity. It prepares the selected Props for the FBX/OBJ Export by cleaning the history, placing the object in the middle of the grid, centering the pivot to the lowest point and rotating him on -90 on the x achse. Therefore the Translation and Rotation Values will be 0,0,0 in Unity.If you ant to keep the Material just /* disable  the "Reset Material" Line.


Ranger Gun

This is the result of a two days lecture at S4G. The goal was the create a basic concept for a retro scifi pistol and texture it in substance painter. It was a amazing lecture with a lot fun ^______^


Ira Hair

still not happy with hair yet. I will focus on the body and need to come back to it late.


The Fifth Element meets Mirror´s Edge

Pandemonium was one of the jump and runs I really liked on PS. Therefor I decided to give Niki a modern makeover


Old Indian Chest

This is also the result of a Texturing Lecture at S4G.